Ca Ri Ga in Vietnam

Ca Ri Ga in Vietnam


Ca ri ga in Vietnam is a famous curry, which atrract many tourists when travelling here. It’s served with rice, noodles, or warmed baguette. While India, Cambodia, and Thailand play an important role in the creation of Vietnamese curries, the flavours of Vietnamese is considerably milder and lighter – great for lunch or a light dinner in Nha Trang. Ca ri ga is made with a combination of chicken, carrots, sweet potatoes, ginger, and peas cooked in a rich coconut curry sauce.

Ca Ri Ga with rice

How to make it

Ca Ri Ga is not difficult to make but like so many other memorable dishes such as Pho, bun cha Hanoi , it does take some time to layer flavors. Start off by taking a chicken and break it down into 8 pieces. Of course you can use whatever cuts you prefer but I would suggest leaving the skin on and bone-in for more flavor. Slather the chicken in some of the curry paste and other aromatics –then allow it marinate for several hours.

Ca ri ga

After the chicken has had ample time to steep in all the delicious aromatics, lightly brown the meat on both sides. Then the taters, carrots and chicken, etc. And then about an hour later you’ll be ready to get down on some honest to goodness Ca Ri Ga! The chicken should be fork tender and swathed in the luscious curry sauce that is incredibly fragrant from the lemongrass, ginger and kaffir.